Network Philanthropy

Distributed fundraising for the digital age

The 5 Principles of Network Philanthropy

Here are the five core guiding principals that will help you understand what Network Philanthropy is all about:

  1. Its not about the giving: It’s not actually about encouraging people to give, it’s about encouraging one small change and then building the act of giving into an everyday process or purchases.
  2. Clear traceable impact:  Every time there a transaction is made, there will be a record of where your contribution went and the impact to date of that investment.
  3. Connecting people: To maintain this effort for long enough to solve major social issues, we need to know that we’re in it together, so network philanthropy platforms will be a means to connect with like minded people, merchants, organisations and NFPs in your community.
  4. Acceleration through ownership and progress: Network Philanthropy establishes a sense of ownership and progress towards a common goal. This in turn leads to more investment in the network from the individual and an increased membership of the network due to net promotion, accelerating the impact over time.
  5. Scale: Without scale how can we hope to solve a global $20Bn issue. Network Philanthropy cannot be bound by geography or organisation and will operate across these man made boundaries.

These are the core principles on which Network Philanthropy is built and to which the networks we hope to build over the next 5 years will adhere to.  We believe that by following these principles and building them into future enterprises we can make a real changes in this world and start to see the eradication of some of the big issues of our time.